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“Women in Europe: achieving parity”: this project aims to involve women in political life both on a national and European level and to propose real measures to be established by the Member States and the European institutions to achieve parity in terms of women’s participation in political decision-making. Robert Schuman Foundation, FAES, the Karamanlis Institute, the Ano Pro Evropu Association, the Association for Equal Opportunities, the Ithaka Foundation. More information

Paper of the RCE for the final Conference “Changes in civil society: what about women? New ideas and new approaches in Society, Politics and Economics”. Gradus Project of the European Commission. Bologna, 25 – 26 February 2005. More information

Gradus Project Report (1) Spain. By RCE. July 2004. More information

The future of Europe and the Parity Democracy. November 2001. More information

Démocratie paritaire au sein du Parlement Européen. Octobre 2001. (Sommaire).

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Proposition de procédure électorale fondée sur des principes communs pour les élections au Parlement Européen en y incorporant la Démocratie Paritaire. Octobre 2001.

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