• The RCE has participated at the Women’s World Forum: “Dialogue, to live and to cohabitate”. Barcelona, July 2004, 29th to 31st.
  • Elaboration of intermediary report of Spain for Gradus Project July 2004.
  • Declaration of Women Citizens of Europe Network on “European Policies and Gender” (2) Conciliation of familiar and professional lives. July 2004.
  • Participation to “Seminar on social Protection to entrepreneur and independent women and collaborating wife”. Direction génerale des entreprises. European Commission. Brussels. June 2004, 25th.
  • The RCE has attended the Seminar on the future of Associations in Enlarged Europe, organised by CEDAG. Valencia. May 2004, 6th.
  • The RCE has attended the International Congress “Towns and Prostitution”. Concejalia de Empleo y Servicios al ciudadano. Ayuntamiento de Madrid. June 2004,16th to 18th.
  • The RCE has participated in the “Gradus Project – GRADUS, Gender and decisions making processes, Steps and Progress in the Civil Society », being submitted by Associazione Orlando answering the call for proposal VP/2002/06, Community Programme on Gender Equality (2001-2005).
  • The RCE has supported the campaign “Laicism in Europe for the elimination of article 51 in the Project of European Constitution”. Letter to Bertie Ahern, President of European Council. May 2004, 11th.
  • The RCE has attended the Congress “New Trends and Developments in Law and for Lawyers in Europe & Launching of the Czech Women Lawyers Association. Prague. May 2004, 14th.
  • Declaration of the Women Citizens of Europe Network: “European Policies and Gender (1). April 2004.
  • Attendance to the meeting “Gender Equality in the Future of Europe”. Committee of Woman’s Rights and Equality of the European Parliament. Brussels. April 2004, 6th.
  • The RCE supports the Petition campaign “Stop to Prostitution during the Olympic Games in Athens!”. May 2004.
  • Participation and Organisation of the seminar: “Fundamental Rights an Gender in the Constitutionalisation process of the European Union”. Barcelona. April 2004, 30th and May 2004, 10th.
  • Participation to the round table. “The European Construction from the gender point of view”. Woman’s Week. Coslada, March 2004, 1st.
  • Participation and organisation of the European Seminar: “The European Union in constituent process: method, actors and challenges”. Bilbao. February 2004, 19th and 20th.
  • Attendance to the first meeting of the Open Observatory against Domestic and Gender Violence. Consejo General del Poder Judicial. December 2003, 10th.
  • Answer to the questionnaire elaborated by the Woob-Centrum Loor Vrouwenstudies. Political Science Department. Brussels, October 2003.
  • Collaboration in the campaign “For a referendum in Europe for an European Constitution”, organised by The Initiative & Referendum Institute Europe. September 2003.
  • Answer to the questionnaire: “The participation of Civil Society in the debate on the future of Europe rhetorical or action frames in the discourse of the Convention? Dr. Enmanuela Lombardo. Saragossa University. September 2003.


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