• Participation to the meeting “The gender perspective in the Constitutional Treaty .Madrid, may 2003, 27th
  • Participation to the extraordinary meeting of the Network of Parliamentary Committees for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men in the European Union .Athens, march 2003, 31st.
  • V Contribution to the Convention Forum /Parity Democracy to the elections to the European Parliament .Art.35." march 2003, 27th.
  • IV Contribution to the Convention Forum “Gender Proposals to the first 16 articles of the. Constitutional T." March 2003.
  • Attendance to a Seminar on “Equal Pay in the collective Bargaining”, organised by UGT. Madrid, January 2003, 23rd -24th.
  • Attendance to a meeting organised by the Woman’s Institute on European projects. Madrid, January 2003, 15th.
  • Attendance to the Seminar “Gender Equality in the 21st century, organised by the Valencia’s University. January 2003, 12th – 13th.
  • Attendance to the Seminar “Gender and Public Budgets”, organised by the Women’s Basque Institute EMAKUNDE, Vitoria. (9/10-12-2002).
  • Attendance to the “European Forum of citizens Advice Services”, organised by ECAS. Brussels. (5/6-12-2002)
  • Attendance to the Second International Conference upon Globalisation, organised by the Belgium First Minister. Leuven’s University. Belgium. (26-11-2002).
  • Participation to the Seminar upon Convention and Civil society. PSE. Brussels. (25-11-2002).
  • Participation to the International Conference “the women's Infrarrepresentation in the decisions making processes to a round table on the paper of the women in the European constitutional process - Turin - (22/23-11-2002).
  • Attendance to the III Euromediterranean Forum of Parliamentary Women. Madrid. (17/18-10-2002).
  • Attendance and participation to the Congress of the European Women Law’s Association (EWLA) – Paris (21/22-10-2002).
  • Participation to the second meeting of the Women’s Rights Commission of the European Parliament on the European Convention. WOMEN’S CONVENTION. (2-10-2002).
  • Participation to the International Congress “Reconsideration of the strategies for the promotion of women’s equality”, organized by the University of Valencia and, among other organisms, by the Ministry of Labour and Social Matters - Valencia - (27/29-09-2002).
  • Elaboration of the fourth contribution to the Forum of the European Convention “Declaration of Valencia” (10-09-2002).


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